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Why work with us ?

Hypno Luxo Ltd is a reliable and sustainable Mauritius-based web agency specializing in all web services. We create and develop tailor-made management tools to enhance and manage your presence on the internet and communicate with your customers. Our goal is to generate new customers for you and retain them.

For Frederick, Stephane and Frank, at Hypno Luxo, creating websites is a vocation and a passion more than a job. We do not count the hours spent creating, developing and perfecting our craft. We are constantly evolving, just like the internet world which is constantly changing. Our customers are the first to benefit from this constantly renewed enthusiasm.


Reactivity and proactivity

We know that most of our customers are not aware of all the possibilities or technologies available in the web world. What matters to them is that their website works optimally.

So we anticipate and take care of updates and useful add-ons to their website. As for our responsiveness, generally any request is processed within the day or even within the hour depending on the involvement required. That's what our customers confirm via their many testimonies.


When two forces unite,
their efficiency double.

Frederick Moulaert

Creative Director
Graphic Design
UX Web Design

Starting from an initial experience as a cartoonist and illustrator, then fifteen years as a concert photographer, finally as a graphic designer, Frederick began his career for 8 years as an artistic director in advertising agencies in Brussels.

At Hypno Luxo, Frederick takes care of the creation of your website and the commercial contact. His outspokenness allows clients to understand in all honesty the ins and outs of the choices (strategic, graphic, technical or financial) offered to them.

After transparency, the point of honor on which he is most intransigent is the quality and follow-up of the services offered to his customers. In order to retain them and to be able to count on them as ambassadors of the know-how of the Hypno Luxo agency in Mauritius.

Frank M Hinrichs

Financial Director

Coming from an artistic family background and having studied graphic and plastic Arts previously, his business carrer as an investor on the stock market started in 2001 (extensive investments in all sectors of the economy except sectors touching armament and pharmaceuticals) and includes personal projects and joint ventures in different sectors of activity in different countries (amongst the most recent ’Ang’ata Camps & Safaris’ : Bush Camps and Safari Operator in Tanzania, ‘Angata Global DWC LLC’ : Management Consultancy in Dubai, ‘Spicy Jeff & Coco’ : Food Catering in Mauritius).

His role at Hypno Luxo Ltd is the financial backing and consultancy in order to guarantee the sustainability of the Enterprise and give outside input from a different perspective, as well as to ensure the good conduct of business and overall financial ethics.

Stéphane Turrin

Programmer - Developer
Servers Management
& Creative solutions

Following his studies in computer science and systems at Ephec in Belgium, (development, server and network management), Stéphane began working in web development in 2011.

Tireless finder of solutions in the Hypno Luxo agency, Stéphane takes care of the optimization of your website both at the practical and technical level. Its diplomatic and above all didactic side appeals to our customers who want to understand how their site works.

In addition to tailor-made development, Stéphane imagines, creates and brings many new possibilities for Hypno Luxo Ltd customers (mobile development, e-mailing system, or securing servers for hosting sites).
His talents are multiple and evolving.

Idées website

Creative Journey

As you will see below, we come from the world of advertising, graphic design and photography, we have followed with a creative eye each stage of the evolution of the web world since its beginnings. Our clients are the first to benefit from these courses and from our experience in communication. For our part, we greatly appreciate being able to immerse ourselves - for a few weeks or a few months - in the diverse and varied professional worlds of our clients.

Web development

Technical Mastery

Good ideas and a shrewd strategy are nothing without flawless execution. Stéphane is in permanent training, each site we create is an opportunity to implement an innovative technical novelty. The meticulous execution of the work is where the magic happens, where ideas come to life and your goals turn into reality.


Cool Guy

Personal Websites

The website of Frederick's photographic work. Galleries of portraits of actors and characters taken in a studio and also unpublished photos of rock bands taken live and backstage during the 1980s/1990s.

The website of Frederick Moulaert's cartoonist/comics illustrator background. From his drawings of the Marsupilami made at the request of André Franquin during his studies at Saint Luc in Brussels, to the pumpkins (pumpkin man) created for the German Metal Band Helloween.