web design

The First Impression

Graphic design is the tip of the iceberg

You won't get a second chance to make a good first impression on your prospects. This image will pass through your website for many people. Beyond defining the general graphics, the style, the colors, the typos, it is a question here of having a global vision of the image of your brand or that your company will send outwards.

Our work therefore goes well beyond the purely visual aspect (pretty/not pretty) but takes into account a whole series of factors that we define together with our clients.





Do your “static” pages correctly represent your company and its activities? Have you thought about prioritizing your information? Are your “products” or “services” pages focused on the needs of your customers and prospects? Are they easily understandable? Do you have a “blog” section or do you want to create one?


Is the graphic charter implemented on your site in line with your initial visual identity? Does this charter still correspond to the image you want to project?

Your advantage is that we have, in the past, first imagined and produced visuals for major brands (photography and image editing) but also created brand images (logos, slogans, advertisements, brochures, etc.) for our customers. Browse Our portfolio.


Do visitors easily find the information they are looking for? Is the information properly structured and presented? Is the navigation of the site easy and intuitive? Is the user journey of your site simple and user-friendly? Are your "calls-to-action" easily identifiable?



What's UX Design ?

Often we confuse UX and UI. These are two "trades" that collaborate in product design.

UX = User eXperience
UI = User Interface

It is the meeting point between you and a product (in this case your website) and what allows you to interact with it.

  • The UI is the visible part of the UX, it is the "perceptible" part of a product: it is what we see, hear, touch when using a mobile application for example.
  • UX is a mix of visible parts + invisible parts that together contribute to the overall user experience on your site or application.

UX Design is therefore defined as all the means implemented to design an interface that fully meets the usability needs of each user. The goal is to provide the best possible user experience for your website.