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We find solutions

The world of the web is constantly changing. We don't work the same way as we did 3 or 4 years ago. Nor even as last year.

Our approach is based on constant improvement, entrepreneurship and the diversity of talents, we use an agile methodology designed to offer you what proves to be the most efficient in relation to your own needs and to specifically meet your expectations.

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What are your limits ?

Hypnoluxo Web Agency in Mauritius can take care of the creative and technical aspects of your website from A to Z. From the choice and registration of your domain name, the creation and production of your site, image editing, hosting and referencing of your website as well as its promotion via e-mailing campaigns and social networks.

On the other hand, in terms of content, whether it concerns writing texts, taking photographs, creating a logo or a graphic identity, we work with reliable and recognized freelancers in their profession. Of course, it is often a question of resources, some customers prefer to write their texts themselves, provide photos and logos when they have them available.

For customers who want a full professionnal web tool from A to Z, we strongly recommend working with Chantal Ernst for SEO-optimized (Search Engine Optimization) copywriting texts, with Ingrid Otto for photography and finally with Vincent Walgraef for everything related to logos and branding.

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What are your guarantees ?

Our clients own their own website. The sites we create can be up and running online indefinitely over time. If we are in charge of hosting, our servers are updated regularly and your site remains accessible without time limit. We give all of our clients FTP access so that at any time they can access all the data on their site or make a backup copy.

The web agency Hypnoluxo Ltd is one of the most reliable web agency in Mauritius. Just take a look at our client's testimonials page to read about their experience of working with us.

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What are your conditions ?

We start working on your project after the approval of an accurate quote based on a validated sitemap. Our quotes are well detailed and specify, item by item, the work and features expected by the customer. Once the deposit is paid, we do not charge anything until the client-approved site is live. From the moment their site is put online, our customers have several months (4 to 6 months) to report any shortcomings to us, which will be immediately settled. Often within the hour, if necessary. Hosting your site with Hypnoluxo gives our customers permanent access by phone and email for any questions relating to their websites or emails.

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