web strategy

Think Ahead

think ahead

Before creating your website, we see together about your expectations in relation to your business.

We define together what are the concrete goals expected in relation to your future site. What is your position and those of your competitors in the market? What is your target audience, definition and opportunity of your keywords. Who will write the content of your texts and how? What are the practical (like languages) and technical specifications that will be used for your future site are also discussed. We also assess the budgetary implications of these decisions.

Establish a sitemap

This document will cover each menu and its content, the actions and functions of each page. The aim here is to optimize the ergonomics of your site, i.e. to make the most accessible, the most logical and easy to use for your customers and prospects so that they find the fastest and most the information they are looking for easily as possible.


Optimize content

A poorly rated website by Google is an invisible site and is the equivalent of not having a website. And a business that doesn't have a website will miss out on many opportunities for growth and evolution. Especially in Mauritius, where most of the markets are local. As suggested above and in detail in the "writing and referencing" part of our site, it is imperative to choose your service providers carefully.

If you have the time and the talent to write your own texts and take your photos, don't hesitate. But if in doubt, call in the professionals. There are many talented people in Mauritius. You will immediately save a lot of time and in the long term, you will make the means invested in these professionals profitable.

Let people know

Once your site is published, we will discuss ways to communicate its existence to the public. The ideal is to have a good list of contacts (customers or prospects in Mauritius or abroad) to let them know that your new site is online by email. Eventually, these clicks will bring you back to a fair level of natural referencing. The more your site is visited, the more search engines will consider it potentially relevant.


Natural referencing will take a little time to be effective. You should also be able to allocate a budget to e-mailing campaigns, social networks, search engine advertising (SEA) so that your audience is made aware of your online presence.


Ideally, you should be able to allocate part of your budget to promote your new site.


This advice is not scientific but it is a reality that has often been proven:

For example, out of a total budget of $15,000, one should dedicate $5,000 to content (writing and images), $5,000 to the website development and $5,000 to promoting your site. But not everyone has these budgets available. For more modest budgets, on a basis of $6,000 for example, spend $1,500 to create content, $3,500 for site development, and finally $1,000 to promote your site on search engines and social networks.