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Tailor-made Flexibility

our tailor-made solutions

Everything is tailor-made for our customers in Mauritius, we have already created internal organization systems for some of them to facilitate the administrative management of their business. Invoicing system, Management of accounting documents, Management of customer databases, Online reservations, etc. All your requests can be considered...

Here are some examples of web/intranet solutions that we have already developed:

Quotation/invoicing system

Created and developed initially for ourselves, we offer an autonomous system for creating quotes and online invoicing. This tool allows you to create quotes (product ranges and prices) and then transform them into invoices (deposit invoice, automatically calculated balance invoice, Pro Format invoice, etc.). You can apply several VAT rates (0% - 5% - 15%...) and even invoice for foreign countries (intra and outside the EU) without VAT. An automated PDF creation system can also be sent by email to your customers. The tracking system will tell you when and how many times the document has been viewed and opened by your client.


Document management system

You will no longer lose any documents. A simple and very efficient system allows you to create categories (Supplier Invoices, Issued Invoices, restaurant receipts, etc.) and upload each document (PDF, JPG, etc.) to your interface. You can name them, date them, encode the amounts and store them indefinitely. On your accountant's side, the documents can be: viewed, downloaded, printed and even marked as already processed or still to be processed.


Database of your client files

Inventory management software:
The customer encodes his articles and can find them easily. The customer also has the option of encoding his customers and creating a “deposit” document, this means that the items will be removed from stock and that a document (purchase order style) will be established. Once the customer wishes, it is possible to convert this document into an invoice.

Intranet allowing the management of members of an association and the articles published:
The developed system works according to a system of grades and categories; a member can therefore be part of several sets and have access to various files according to his skills and/or his rank. When a document is published, a mailing is sent to the members concerned.



online menus for restaurants

The digital menu for restaurants in Mauritius : Give your customers immediate access to your menus from their smartphones. In addition to health compliance following Covid-19, this easy online menu system will allow your customers to make their selection of dishes and drinks by clicking on their choice and then to read to your staff the summary of the order which will be displayed on their screens. We will all save time. Compared to paper charts, price and product updates will be done by you instantly.


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