is this the end ?

for artist's careers ?

My first AI tryouts

By entering a few keywords into new artificial intelligence programs, one can get a picture on the spot. But to accomplish such a feat, are these tools likely to replace the work of illustrators? And do they threaten their future?



These are my very first illustrations using AI. The theme is pumpkins playing music on stage.

The artificial intelligence program allows you to submit keywords and at first offers you four results. Then you choose whether you want the artificial intelligence to use either just one of these images to refine it or whether you want to use two or three images of the proposed images in order to mix them together and offer you four other proposals on this basis. And so on. At some point, you can ask the AI to refine this or that image. By adding keywords to refine your illustration.



Pumpkins subject with poster and typography themes.

But self-censorship already took place, simple words such as cigarette or cleavage are already banned from accepted keywords on the Mid-Journey app. In the short term, absolute illustrators don't have to worry just yet. But the technology evolves quickly, from week to week, and no doubt that the paid professional versions will include words that are currently prohibited.



A fake Helloween album cover made in just a few minutes

In this case, I didn't go very far (demo version) I just wanted to test the claim. That said, I got dark and tortured atmospheres like illustrations by Dave McKean, which at this first stage I already liked.

Click the images below to see my first AI samples :

AI first tryouts - Frederick Moulaert