metallica alternative artwork

This is a Tribute

Even in a parallel universe these Metallica albums would have existed...

These are - just for fun - alternative Metallica album covers based on the same idea but with different techniques than the original artwork. Includes Lux Aeterna from 72 Seasons. Tribute.

No AI was used here, only copy-paste images remixed in Photoshop.



Kill 'em All (1983) alternative album cover




Ride The Lightning (1984) alternative album cover




Master Of Puppets (1986) alternative album cover




And Justice For All (1988) alternative album cover



The Black Album (1991) alternative album cover




St Anger (2003) alternative album cover


Click the gallery below for more alternative album covers for Metallica (Lux Aeterna from 72 Seasons) and most of the other albums.

Metallica Lux Aeterna Artwork