what type of hosting for your website ?

What are the alternatives ?

As anywhere else, you often get what you pay for.

This page is intended to guide you in your choices.

1. Shared hosting

Often the lowest prices. And again, not always. The cheaper the price (between 1 and 5$ per month for example) the lower the speed and reliability of the server. And at these prices, it's too low, too slow, too unstable. In these price ranges, this means that several thousand websites are hosted on the same machine and all users share the hard disk (data storage space) but also the bandwidth (speeds/slowness of access to sites) is divided by the number of visitors to all these sites. These solutions are generally suitable for people whose website is not very important and is more of a symbolic online presence than a real working tool.

2. Custom Hosting

This scenario is generally used for web agencies that only host their own clients. This means that the agency has control over the flows and uses of its server in order to guarantee maximum security for its customers. At Hypnoluxo Web Agency in Mauritius we only host between 20 and 25 sites per server. And we know each of our clients well. Our servers in France and Switzerland are fast and reliable. The mail server is sometimes separated from the web server, a security issue. But not systematically, it all depends on the customer's profile, if he is ready to pay more for more extensive service. The prices vary, depending on the associated services, between 10 and 30€ per month. With us, for these prices, we offer telephone and email support. As well as the systematic updates of your website.

3. Dedicated server

In the case of a dedicated server, the customer has his own server (his own hard disk). That is to say that if a customer has several websites with different addresses and content, the monthly price will not change. Same for having several email addresses linked to different domain names. The advantage is to be able to benefit from the maximum space and bandwidth without being influenced/disturbed by traffic from other websites. This is especially useful for customers who have a lot of daily traffic on their website or for e-commerce type sites regularly requested by visitors. Here too the prices vary, depending on the type of hard drive, processor, and supplier, and services (backups among others). No average but a range between 35 and 95$ per month.




We are not web hosts. We outsource this service to professionals and we do it only for our clients, for websites that we have created ourselves. But we provide the service related to your accommodation. As the servers are physically located in data centers, i.e. outside our premises, we are - just like you - dependent on the maintenance and proper functioning of these data centers. On the other hand, we remain your only interlocutor in relation to the proper functioning of your web hosting.


The question is not so much whether we guarantee total server reliability, but how we react in the event of a problem.

In 2015 we suffered only one attack. Several servers at OVH were hacked, including one of ours (out of three) The attack (off-line server) occurred on an early Saturday morning. Despite the weekend, Stéphane spent his entire day and part of Saturday night recovering backups, reformatting the server, re-installing an operating system, then re-installing security and restarting the server. All in less than 15 hours. Not to mention the security tests carried out all Sunday. Most customers didn't notice anything. Only freelancers working on weekends had some email problems that day.


First of all, this hosting offer is optional. We only offer to host of sites that we have created ourselves. It is initially a question of avoiding scattering the speakers for our customers. Indeed, in the past, we have had feedback from customers who asked us about problems with their email addresses. But we had only created their website. But, for them, being the last interlocutor they had had online, it seemed normal to them to contact us.

Little by little, we have set up a more complete service including:

  • Domain name registration for our clients
  • DNS management of these domains
  • Hosting their website
  • Creation and management of emails
  • Configuration and management of dedicated servers

Our prices are based on the volume of storage required for your website and your mailboxes. The greater the number of email addresses, the greater the storage space will be. Depending on the functions of your site (static or e-commerce site, presence of News or a Blog, etc.), we offer you the profile best suited to your needs. The first price offers the same level of security and technical support but no site update operations. The other prices include one or two hours of updates or modifications of the contents of your website. For example changes in texts, photos, schedules, or your contact details.


The idea is to keep a link with our customers. This link and the annual hosting billing linked to it means that we are available to our customers with a much-appreciated level of responsiveness.