create a facebook business page

What it implies as investments

For what uses?

Facebook is the world's largest social network with more than 2 billion people visiting a Facebook page every month. We can therefore imagine that your potential prospects in Mauritius are on Facebook. Being present on this social network can only bring additional and complementary visibility to your website.




Yet many businesses are reluctant to create a Facebook Business Page and they may be right. All too often business leaders find themselves very quickly overwhelmed by the editorial content to be produced and by the lack of time to manage their professional page. This is where Community Managers come in. It's a real investment to make to produce regular and interesting content for your customers and prospects in Mauritius.

the main advantages of a business page

Meet potential customers
Creating a professional page allows you to increase your notoriety with a community that you will federate. Through the interaction inherent in this platform, your maurician company can acquire more qualified and highly targeted contacts. At the same time, it will be able to determine the main needs of its future customers.

Optimize your notoriety
The presence of your company on Facebook facilitates its presentation to Internet users, that is to say potential customers. Posts on your company's Facebook page appear on the news feed of its followers. The transmission of messages is facilitated thanks to the multiple means made available to users: photographs, videos, quizzes, links to an article or to your site, etc. Not only do these messages scroll through your followers' news feed, but they can also welcome comments. Your customers and prospects in Mauritius can express themselves, which makes it even easier to determine their needs.

Ensure the SEO of your site
Facebook participates in the optimization of natural referencing of your website in Mauritius. Google takes into account the links that a page of a website receives from Facebook and therefore increases traffic to your company's website. These links have an impact on the SEO of your site. It is therefore strongly recommended to promote your website on Facebook, in particular by sharing articles from your blog or your news on your Facebook page. The sharing and recommendation of your page are essential to ensure the visibility of your page on this platform and especially its positioning on search engines.




Bring your business to life
The presence of your company on the web is not enough, it must be able to bring something to Internet users, especially to its consumers in Mauritius. The secret: a supply of regular, relevant and targeted content to your followers. Find content that your audience will like and share. A Facebook page is not just the catalog of your products and services. Also consider posting lighter subjects: cool photos, inspiring quotes, interesting videos, humorous images, news about the life of your company, additional information, etc.

Allocate marketing budget
Creating a Facebook page costs nothing to the company, however, the leads it generates are not to be neglected. When visitors react to a post, the company must be responsive and ensure that users understand the importance of their opinions. Your Community Manager in Mauritius can administer your business page, but they can potentially acquire dozens or even hundreds of leads. By mastering his mission ideally, he can transform a good majority of your page's followers into potential customers.




How much does a Facebook business page cost?

Creating a Facebook business page is free. However, if you want to develop the visibility of your page, there are time and resource parameters that you will have to take into account:

  1. Content creation requires an investment, more or less significant, depending on the type of post you want (photo, video, text, etc.) For example: sharing a link is not as time-consuming as publishing a computer graphics or a video, which will have to be produced beforehand.
  2. The animation of a Facebook page is not to be underestimated: writing and publishing posts, interaction with a community, analysis of statistics...
  3. Finally, the acquisition of new subscribers or the promotion of the activity can be done with advertising (Facebook Ads), which also represents a financial cost.



A few tips :

Avoid 100% promotional content
If you plan to create a Facebook page for your business in order to publish only advertising messages, you are on the wrong track: ideally, you will have to respect the 70/20/10 rule:

  • 70% of the publications on your Facebook Business page must be of high added value and a priori "disinterested";
  • 20% of the content you publish on your Facebook page must come from third parties, i.e. content created by structures/persons other than your company;
  • 10% of posts (only) on your Facebook page must be promotional;

Pin important posts to the top of your page
Like on Twitter, you can pin an important post to the top of your Facebook Business page. Pinning a post to the top of your Facebook page will allow you to highlight relevant communication in order to attract new fans.

Post to your Facebook page at the right times
To do this, you need to know your followers inside out. When are they connected? From what type of device? For this, you can use the statistics that will be available on your Facebook page when you have at least 25 followers.

Analyze the engagement of your publications
In order to improve the publications of your Facebook Business page in Mauritius, you will need to analyze each of them in order to determine which are the most relevant contents. As with the previous step, you can study the statistics of your Facebook page. What are the most shared, most liked, most commented posts? What conclusions do you draw from this?

Reply to your followers
If you want to grow your Facebook Business Page's fanbase, you definitely need to engage with your community. What could be more frustrating than a comment that has gone unanswered? Be responsive in your answers, this will allow you to activate a relevant badge for your company's Facebook page.

If well used, your Facebook Business page will allow you to develop the brand image and visibility of your business in Mauritius. One of the keys to success is regularity: if you expect results from your first posts, you may be disappointed.