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a site available for a dental office


The Context

In 2019 we created the website for a Belgian dentist who had practiced in Mauritius for 6 years and was returning to settle in Belgium.

This dentist (re)starting from scratch in Belgium had to have a simple, practical and above all well referenced site to attract new customers in Belgium. We had therefore made this site for him, which mainly talks about the dental treatments carried out in his new dental practice. But the hazards meant that this dentist finally had the opportunity to work for a dental clinic in Brabant Wallon rather than starting over as an independent dentist. As a result, his new site was no longer useful to him.

We have therefore removed all the keywords referring to the name of this dentist to leave a neutral site online, already naturally referenced, under the generic domain "". Although the site has never been used by anyone, its natural referencing means that, from time to time, it receives requests for information and appointments when no geographical address is related to him.



Search Engine Optimization

The contact details indicated on the site are non-existent and the email and telephone number indicated on the site are those of our web agency Hypnoluxo in Mauritius. Hence the few phone calls we have already received for dental appointments. Of course, we explained that we were the web agency that created this site and not a dental office. Same for making appointments by email (see above). Here is an unused site (therefore not referenced) that appears in a good place in the natural referencing of certain keywords related to dental care. Click below to see this sample site for dentists:



This site, to be personalized of course, is therefore available for a dentist wishing to settle in Mauritius or anywhere else in the world.