Indicative Rates

Indicative prices for our web services

some prices

We always work on the basis of precise and detailed estimates item by item. Nevertheless, here is an idea of our hourly rates and web services related to your site. We published prices in USD for better stability but we're always ready to negotiate rates in Maurician Rupees.

web hosting

  • Basic Hosting 10$ per month - 120$ per year
  • Pro Hosting (email included + support) 15$ / month - 180$ / year
  • Premium Hosting (emails included + support + maintenance) 25$ / month - 300$ / year
  • CDN Hosting (Content Delivery Network) 10$ / month - 120$ / year

hourly rates

  • Creation 95$/hour
  • Development 85$/hour
  • Html Cutting 75$/hour
  • Accounting (correspondences/meetings) 60$/hour

e-mailings subscriptions

  • 100$ per month - 1200$ per year

Included in this service:
import of your contact lists / personalized layout / administration to create html e-mailings / specific admin access to manage your mailings and analyze statistics. Unlimited sendings.



"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."


Benjamin Franklin


promoting your website

Creating a Google My Business Page:

  • Technical implementation (structure, contact details, admin access)
  • Visual set-up (logo and photos)
  • Publication of opening hours

    - 180$

Creating a Facebook Business Page for your business:

  • Technical implementation (general structure, admin and contributor access)
  • Visual set-up (logo, cover visual, start of a photo gallery + initial publication)
  • Publication of a first album and optimization of the descriptions of these photos (referencing)
  • Publication of company "Impressum" information (about, history, contact details and addition of a "CTA" button)
  • Setting up an initial campaign to promote (text, visual and regional targeting)

    - 475$

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