eric marquis

Theaters Director

montorgueil comedy theater - Paris



A company like ours needs a strong identity and must find partners who can help us in this daily challenge. 20 years ago, the Comédie Centrale first began to entrust all of its poster creations to Frederick Moulaert. Then, as trust was established, Hypnotized then Hypno Luxo Ltd took care of the websites of all our theatres.

Frederick is constantly evolving in his graphic design works. He always offers something new and original, in step with the times. His graphic, complex universe is always up to date. At the development level, Stéphane is very fast and very reactive.

More than a service provider, Hypnoluxo in Mauritius today represents an essential collaborator for the Comedie Centrale theaters.


eric marquis

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year : 2001 > today

url client : Comedie Montorgueil


Eric Marquis is the founder and director of the Comédie Centrale theaters in Liège and Charleroi as well as the Comédie-en-île in Liège. Recently Eric Marquis bought the Théâtre-Comédie Montorgueil in Paris. The collaboration with Eric Marquis is a perfect example of long-term cooperation and development. These are theaters and restaurants that have continued to evolve towards an ever greater quality of their services and towards increasingly audacious programming choices.