milenka mendez

Bolivian Woodcarver

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"No pude tener mejor suerte al encontrar a Frederick, destaco su gran capacidad de escucha, orientación y calidad de servicio desde el primer contacto. Los 10000 km de distancia y mi francés básico no fueron ninguna barrera a su ingeniosa creatividad y su gran profesionalismo. Muchas gracias por todas tus atenciones y felicidades por tu gran equipo".

"I was lucky to meet Frederick. I was able to immediately appreciate his great ability to listen, his good advice and the quality of his services from our first meeting. The 10,000 km distance and my little basic French were no obstacle to his creativity and his great professionalism. Thank you very much for your services and congratulations to your team."


milenka mendez

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years : 2011 > 2015

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Milenka Mendez Roca G. is a woodcarver who lives in Cochabamba, Bolivia. An architect by profession, she worked as a university professor before leaving for a few years in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Islamic Republic of Mauritania and a few other African countries, becoming familiar with various artistic styles specific to this continent. Several stays in Europe and the USA also allowed her to perceive the trends of current Western design.