geneviève berti

Communications Manager G-14

G-14 the voice of the european football clubs



When we have to summarize or qualify a collaboration, we often try to formulate what motivated the decision, the choice to use one agency rather than another.
For us at the G-14, the choice had to be an agency whose main asset is to be composed of talents who understand the story that needs to be told. Our organization was forward-looking, but had to be based on tradition.

Frederick's approach, his understanding of the existing Corporate Identity, his ability to make it evolve to incorporate codes of modernity and aesthetics immediately seemed relevant to us: the proposals were consistent, both in that they highlight the DNA of our brand, only because they gave it additional impetus.

We also appreciated the Agency's availability, responsiveness and sense of support. Which made things so much smoother... In the sports industry, one seeks a force of proposal which can think without passion and act with precision. We have found the perfect partner.

geneviève berti

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years : 2002 > 2008

url jobs : G-14 The Voice Of The Clubs



G-14 "The voice of the clubs". Association of the most powerful and influential professional football clubs in Europe. The G-14 was founded in 2000 by 14 European Football Clubs and joined by 4 new members in 2002. Its mission was to defend the interests of affiliated clubs with UEFA, FIFA, sponsors and broadcasters.