pierre linder

Tabor 67, the incredible converted houseboat

tabor 67, a houseboat
becomes a holiday lodge



Creating a professional website from scratch is not an easy task. Surrounding myself with Frederick and Stéphane, professionals who are proactive and responsive, was the best decision of our roadmap.

From the beginning, I was impressed by their understanding of my specific needs and goals, which allowed us to create a platform that not only meets my expectations but exceeds them as well.

Their responsiveness was exemplary throughout the project. Whenever I had questions or concerns, they responded promptly and were ready to adjust the details according to my needs. Their transparent communication greatly facilitated collaboration, leading to a smooth development process.

Their design expertise gave birth to a site that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional, far surpassing my initial expectations

Working with Hypno Luxo Ltd has been a professional and creative experience that I highly recommend.

Thanks to Frederick and Stéphane for their excellent work!


pierre linder

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year : 2022 > today

url client : Tabor 67 Houseboat

Originally from Belgium, Leslie and Pierre Linder have had the opportunity to travel and live in European and African countries for fifteen years. He leads a sales team in a large oil company. She is a physiotherapist. The couple spotted the barge on a real estate website through a friend of the former owner. After some significant renovations, the barge has become a vacation rental that they now manage in parallel with their respective professions.