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Dear Frederick,

I am happy with the work you did on the concept created a couple of months ago of the day and night poster of the triplets “Triple Impact”, (title as of right now) it can be called "Triple Trouble".

You did good following on my vision of those posters. I would like to use your company all the way through to the end for this project. I believe Rodin Entertainment and myself can work together with your company for the years to come !

Let me know if I should start to pay you now some money for the work you have done up to now for this, knowing Rodin Entertainment normally will be the entity who will owe you that salary.

"Hopefully we are going to go for a longrun,
but be good to me on this first billing. "

Best regards,


jean-claude van damme

year : 2010 > 2014

url client : JCVD Watches


Working with JCVD is quite fun, great projects, a lot of enthusiasm on both sides... and we switch from French to English every two sentences, like on TV... it's urgent then no news for weeks, then we go back to absolute urgency... an event in Cannes... Fashion TV in Dubai... Well, after that, you have to chase after him a bit... Knokke, Cannes , Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Brussels, London, Dubai... appointments postponed or canceled... Come on, looking back... it's still a good experience :D