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After several years of (setbacks-galleys) on this very important point, which is the visual communication of his company, it is through a friend that I meet Hypnotized. Our collaboration took a long time to be born, paralyzed by the fear of the umpteenth failure, but from the first contacts, Frederick and Stéphane reassured me... We were between professionals of creation, image and communication.

Our beautiful interior design profession requires a beautiful professional showcase, which Frederick understood very well and knew how to highlight through his work as a seasoned graphic designer. The site creation stage was very rewarding: both professionally and personally.

Today, customer contacts are extremely oriented, due to the quality of the website. It matters a lot. Absolutely, a new world for L'Esquisse...

It is a joy and a great peace of mind to finally have a website that correctly reflects one's work and to know that one is accompanied for the future, because indeed, with Hypnoluxo in Mauritius, it was not a question of just "making a website " but also to have the possibility of bringing it to life via simple self-management.

Many thanks to them!


laurence martinez

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Laurence Martinez founded l'Esquisse in 2014 after ten years dedicated to professional and commercial fittings. Its methodology is based primarily on the basis of relationships and trust. Everything can be drawn but by bringing meaning to it. Located in Walloon Brabant, Laurence will guide you in your decoration projects, interior design, custom furniture and help you to project yourself in your ideas.