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We started our activity in video editing in Paris where we met the best graphic designers of the place for the realization of our covers. But for our website, living in Mauritius, we were hesitant to have it done remotely, and wanted a top-of-the-range service close to us. This is how, by word of mouth and by chance, we met Frederick Moulaert of Hypno Luxo Ltd, and with his team, what we had in mind became reality.

From the first proposal, our universe was there, fully understood. Going to professionals always saves time and worries.

We have now been working for more than two years with Frederick and his team, and we receive personalized and high quality help for our site and our emailings.


thierry & laure blondeau

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year : 2019 > 2023

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Thierry Blondeau, business manager and his wife Laure are film enthusiasts. They decided to restore and edit in high definition old French heritage films released between 1950 and 1980. Out of passion. The collection "La Séance" allows you to relive the film as during the week of its cinema release, with its news reports, its trailers and its period advertisements.