michel crespin

Founder of biostory, organic food stores

biostory : organic food stores




Thanks to Frederick and Stéphane, biostory has a fast and efficient website.

Frederick immersed himself in the biostory philosophy to communicate it with talent on the web.
The result is a timeless site, a very clear line and which reveals the human being behind each organic product.
Organic, quality, freshness and appetite appeal are there.

In a word, it is a pleasure to work with them for 10 years already.


michel crespin

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year : 2013 > today

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The taste for taste, flavors, gluttony, modern and accessible organic with a passion for quality and certainly the welcome and warmth of their stores make biostory a 100% Belgian success story. In 2013 Michel Crespin founded his first biostory store in Genval. Since then, four other biostory have opened in Jodoigne, Nivelles, Ottignies and Waterloo.